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AFGHAN STORIES: Giving Women A Voice

Photographs from Kabul and Kandahar. On view through Feb. 5th, 2008 at the Belmont Gallery of Art, Homer Municipal Building/Town Hall Complex, 19 Moore St. 3rd Floor, Belmont, Massachusetts 02478 USA. Gallery Hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 8 am - 4 pm.

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN - 2/10/2005: A woman named Hamida runs the numbers for her home-based business while her child tosses a toy and her husband reads to another child. Like working women everywhere, Hamida struggles to balance work demands with those of her home life. Her handicrafts business employs several dozen women, many of whom are widows and would have no other source of income. (Photo by © Paula Lerner/Aurora)
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